mobilegirl – Poise [CORE008]


SKU: SC008

After three years of performing as a DJ all over the globe, mobilegirl describes her debut EP “Poise” to be a result of her inner journey, defining herself as an artist: “The title comes from finding a stance and keeping a balance. I had long thought about which direction to move musically because I felt a strong conflict between what sound I would naturally produce and what I’m known to play as a DJ and feeling stuck in those expectations. The process felt like therapy rather than anything expressive.”

Along with the artwork, which shows an overgrown statue resembling the Yin and Yang symbol, the record deals with duality as the six instrumental tracks combine the structures of club music with soothing elements more known from video game soundtracks. With its multiple layers of catchy melodies and atmospheric sounds it opens up another world to step into.


1 Forest Coloss
2 Scalene
3 Forever
4 Yellow
5 Lone Ripple
6 Ceremonial Song

Artwork: Bao-Tran Tran
Mastering: Jeremy Cox